Eva Mach and Petra Gilming held the premiere performance of the concert project SLAVIC RHAPSODY on June 18, 2023, in the Concert Hall Lisinski (Zagreb, Croatia), later corroborated by an excellent concert review by Snježana Miklaušić-Ćeran for the portal:


“The musical journey through the Slavic rhapsody not only brought the selected program closer to the audience but also delighted the audience with the harmonious and spirited performance of two outstanding musicians who, at every moment, listened attentively and skillfully controlled both their playing and that of the other member of the chamber ensemble. Eva Mach’s playing characterized the precision in intonation (especially in the high harmonics), a refined sense of rhythm, nuanced dynamics, musicality, and expressiveness suitable for each of the pieces performed. Pianist Petra Gilming, as a collaborator on the piano, found the best dynamic values to accompany the violin part. In the sections where the piano was leading, she confirmed her excellent playing technique and the use of pedal, musicality, and passion. Throughout the concert, these two musicians showcased a high level of playing skills and a brilliant approach to collaborative performance, which resulted in an excellent and nuanced interpretation of the program.”


You can read the entire concert review here, and experience part of the magical atmosphere from the concert in the gallery below captured by photographer Mirko Cvjetko.